Who Am I?


Hello Graham here, I’ve now been on the internet doing marketing and setting up my own business online for some few years now (approx 8). In that time I have had to learn a whole range of new skills not the least of which is article writing and improving my grammar and spelling (still learning and improving this, so excuse the mistakes).

One of the first things I learned early on was that there is NOT any get rich quick solutions out there, plenty of people will tell you just follow – “My Three Point System” and the money will roll in; B.S it just does not exist unless you are one of those people who is not afraid of coning people! Sure they are making loads of money (YOURS!) basically they are taking advantage of people and the present financial climate conditions to promise that they will turn this around – again B.S!

Some years ago I came across a very successful marketer/teacher/coach call it what you may and the first lesson he taught was, “yes you can make money online”, but it is no different to setting up any business it takes time and hard work, but it can be done. Well I listened to what he had to say I followed his advice and whilst I am not rich I get along OK and I am very happy with this.

Because of my previous experiences and the amount of money I lost, I then made my mind up to try and help people who were serious about an online business to get started. I do not ask you to join any membership site, I do not ask you to pay anything for my services, all I do say is read what articles I have wrote and take some heed of them put them into practice, learn some basic skills and WORK at it.

I sincerely hope I can get you on the right road and you become successful.

If at the end of the day you are able to remove your money worries then I have done my job.

What I will ask is that if you have found any or all of my advice helpful then you share it with who you wish, I have placed sharing icons on each post to help towards you doing this.

Thank you in advance and all the best to you and yours