social media

The Positive Effects of Social Media

Social Media has truly taken over a large portion of the internet; but, do you realize it also has taken over a huge portion of electronic media in general? Today’s technology has increased the ability of businesses to get their name and information out to the world. No longer are you limited to simple local advertising and no longer are you limited by a small, limited marketing budget to allow for advertising. Many businesses are simply not what they used to be and unless you are prepared to move with the times and re-create your business face to embrace the technology today, you will be left behind.


Cell phones have become the new “mini computers” that go with us all day long. They’ve created a whole new venue for marketing and those who are quick to react to the change of business setups as they used to be, will be in the forefront of utilizing Social Media to become known and accepted. Today’s cell phones come in three basic types, a simple cellular phone, a cell phone with internet access, and a Smart Phone. The cell phone with internet access still allows access to Social Media sites; however, with some hesitation to use it regularly because of bandwith limitations and speed. Smart Phones have Social Media Apps to download that create a fairly smooth interface between the various Social Media Sites. Tweet Deck, for instance, is one of the more familiar apps associated with Twitter. On Twitter you can write up to 140 characters to say anything you basically desire; this includes shortened or unshortened URLs to a website. This gives you the ability to not only create a presence with your own company/business but then also post your URLs to your website, blogs, and conversations that include your business. Posting regularly keeps you in the public view and provides a sense of community between customers and potential customers.


Facebook is another one of the largest Social Networks. Facebook allows Fan Pages, which are especially handy for businesses. With these fan pages you not only can attract potential and current customers but offer special events, giveaways, or coupons for your business via your Fan Page site. The only way for people to be privy to this information is by being a fan, so here’s where you can cross the social medias by tweeting your Facebook special link! Boom, now you have that person on both Twitter and Facebook. Fan Pages are better than simple personal Network Pages because fan pages have no limits to “friends” whereas a personal or business page has limits to the number of friends they can have.


LinkedIn is a more business oriented Social Network that allows for a more intricate social type of interaction between like business owners, professionals, and those looking to network more. It allows networking with those that may be able to utilize your business services or help you find mentors, social contacts, job offers, and possible potential customers. More professional in style it also allows for as much personalized touch as you want if you are appealing to a less strictly business formatted audience.


MySpace, while it has seen a large downfall in users since the introduction of Facebook, is promising to revamp with new owner Justin Timberlake who has bigger plans for the social networking site. Again, this is just another avenue of social networking that not only is easily available online via your computer but via any connection you can get with electronic media such as cell phones, smart phones, iPads, and notebooks.


All in all having a bright and constant presence in various social media sites, including some more obscure ones that are specifically targeted towards your particular business, has become a must for business owners. It gives you ways to offer specials, coupons, information, blogs, and so much more to bring in potential customers and retain current ones. Social Media is definitely the way to not only get literally free marketing but make contacts with customers of all types and styles from all over the world. Social Media and your business make a perfect pair!