Control Your Determination and Direction

Every day we unconsciously form habits which can and do control our lives in one shape or another. Many of these habits can have exceedingly bad influence and their cumulative actions can at times bring a lot of pain and anguish, on the other hand some can also bring with them joy and happiness e.g. success in your chosen career or business.

Do we have within ourselves the determination to control these habits which can and do control are lives? Can we also say that these same habits are governing our character or is it mere chance that our characters are shaped. I think your character and actions are controlled by yourself – yes we do have the ability to understand just what we are doing and achieving.You are what you are because of YOU

Fully understanding and inwardly realizing this, can be the start of shaping your character and how determined you are at shaping your future or road to success in whatever you choose to set on. There is one action that can help in determining all your habits and consequently your actions and no; it is not some far flung scientific method.

It is a method which is as old as the hills and is one that you have the most control over. Every conscious act you do is carried out by one process – that of thought. Every action you do during your life is always preceded by one other action, consequence or not, that is what goes on in your head – thought. We always should have control of all thought processes that go through our minds, do I do this, and do I want to do this and what happens if I do.

Thought always proceeds all are very actions, habits, character and life itself. You can therefore understand why it is of paramount importance that we fully understand how to control are thoughts and not they control us.

Hopefully I have made you think, so I have given you food for thought. Applying just a few of these actions can and will make a difference in how you conduct your day to day business, with hopefully a better result.

We learn throughout life that when one does a certain action then what follows is a result of that act. When we are young we will think to ourselves I wish to do something, so we do it and the reaction of that thought is such that we get hurt, your mind will modify that thought so you do not do the same thing again and get hurt. I accept that this is a very simplistic explanation of the thought process, but remember when you are young, one is learning all the time and it is the minds way of modifying your thoughts on past experiences.

As we get older our minds have stored all this information and derivates of one thought or another and the mind is then looking after every day actions e.g. walking, running, cleaning one’s teeth and sleeping, we accept these as natural, but remember you had to learn them in the first place. Therefore a simple effect on your part to control your thought and subsequent results may at first cause a you to have an undesired effect, modifying that thought due to this experience will at the end of the day allow you to achieve what you wanted in the first place, any further modifications to that that thought could also make the end result better still.

From this we can also learn that some thoughts will bring good results and others will give us adverse results, we can therefore learn that we must keep the good ones and discard the bad ones.

I hope by now that the message I wish to get across is that you control your own actions and consequently your determination on how you can achieve things for yourself and others. Merely bypassing a thought because you did not like the first result will not help you achieve anything, it is far better to modify that thought to achieve different actions resulting in the final outcome being what you wished for in the first place.

The ones I am talking about here are what I like to call “good thoughts” these are the ones that will not and do not do harm or injury to anyone.

In your life you may have had ideas for a business but on thinking it through you decided not to carry it out. Have you considered modifying any of these thoughts to see if the results could be better?

In business unless you are prepared to try various avenues and learn from them, the good and the bad, you will never be able to change the results.

It is the same with life in general unless we learn correctly then we will only have negative thoughts and consequential will end up with bad results.


You must control your thought and not your thoughts control you.

What I wanted to do with this post was get you thinking about your action and how you can control them with your thoughts. I have not set out to be an expert in this field I will leave that to people who are more intelligent than me. It’s the same in business you control your business no one else, good luck and I hope I have made you think, if you have any thoughts on this I would love to hear them so please share this post and comment below, thank you.