Free Tools

Andy_Tools_Hammer_SpannerThese are just the basic tools you will need to get started building your online business.

I recommend these tools mainly because I have used them for years and have not had any problems with them, plus a big bonus is they are FREE – marketing tools.

You can of course purchase similar one’s with more functions but honestly I would save my money for something else.


Website builder and editors.

Kompozer Kompozer website editor

kompozerUsed to edit html and how your site looks. Great little tool have adjusted many website pages with this. Definitely not difficult to use and anyway as long as you do not over write the original file you can play with it for hours and not do any damage plus you are learning at the same time. Two birds with one stone!





Trellian trellian webpage editor

Trellian-logoHere’s another website editor, still free has the same functions as Kompozer just a little different. Personally I prefer the above. Hey personal preference!


Filezilla filezilla an FTP program

filezilla-logoAn FTP (file transfer protocol) program used to upload file and websites to your hosting server. Very easy to use and you can view video’s on their website to learn how to use it. I use this program all the time if I want images etc on my server for use in my webpages.


You used to unzip any large files you download, can also use it to zip (compress) files that you wish to upload to someone else. Makes the final file size smaller – less time taken to upload or download. Compressed files/folders are used extensively by internet marketers.


Another file handler but NOT free, it’s one I use because basically I prefer it. The idea of this page is to recommend programs you can use without any cost. I have just included this here because I like it.

Nitro Reader Nitro PDF Reader

One of the best PDF readers out there with loads of functions and again it’s FREE. Must have for all those eBooks you will collect whilst working your way to your online business.




Notepad ++ notepad++ image

notepad++-logoCode editor better than note which comes with windows, one I use all the time.




wordpress-logo Go here to find out more:

You will not need this link unless you would like to know more about WordPress. You will install wp to your site via your web hosting provider which saves you time and heart ache. The main site for word press sites hosted at various website hosting providers is

One of the best, if not the best website builders out there and supported by nearly all web host providers. Absolutely tons of free themes for you to choose from and again super easy to use. There is of course paid themes you can get but I have found that the free ones do just as well when you are first getting started. I build all my websites using WordPress.


OK! that’s it for now – what I have done is put a link with each tool and no they are defiantly not affiliate links