Basic Copywriting Tips

Copywriting, what is it and how come it matters? Not discovered it yet, at some time or other you will have seen and read some forms of sales copy. Watch TV adverts, a banner on a website or maybe you have read some articles or inserts in a magazine, well this is copywriting.

Copywriting is a way of encouraging reader to purchase something using in the main words. For the most part it always appears to be a lot easier than what it actually is, and can sometimes be very intimidating.

Putting a few things into place correctly and with practise you will achieve some brilliant results. Below you will find some great tips to really get you started and on the right track.

Putting It Together

First and foremost do not be afraid of lengthy sales copy. I found that a lot of people have this idea that the more copy you present then the less likely that people will read it and take action from it. This is probably true in certain markets and niches, but in the main the more information you provide then the reaction will be better. Of course this will not be true if at the end of the day your copy fails to persuade people to take action, however it is still a very important component.

Your starting headline needs to be gripping to get your reader interested in the product you are talking about. Bold or spotlighting the headline copy or changing the font for a larger one goes some way to attract their interest. Keep the background white and the font black on a site. Having loads of colour all over your site will make it difficult to read and really what we are aiming for here is a professional looking sales copy. The same is true if it’s a sales copy to be sent out to prospective customers.

Expand a little on what your business is all about and highlight any products that could attract their interest. Try to not be too complicated in your description within the sales copy. Use everyday language do not attempt to complicate things by using long complex words, don’t forget to explain fully but not too long how your product/service will benefit them. Do not go over the top about how good and brilliant (even if it is) your business is and definitely do not enter the field of being derogatory about your competitor’s products or site. Highlight how much better your product or service is compared to your competitors.

The last section of the sales copy should make your reader choose to buy as well as contact your business. Include within your sales copy, if it’s for a site, an image of your product along with a detailed description of that product. It is at this point of your sales copy where you would also include a buy now button or add a cart button. If the copy you are doing is for a website it is a very good idea to not have lots of flash banners on the site. You will lose a lot of visitors when there are a lot of banners as they will just click away.


Provide a bit of humour.

By the use of humour and a little light-hearted copy you will start to build up a good relationship with your readers who will then be more inclined to accept you as a source of valuable information. Once you are accepted by your visitors as an expert in your field making a sale or getting them to opt-in to your list will become a lot more attractive to them.